dkcode3v.jpg - 5342 Bytes Proceedings of the 7th International Conference on DeBurring and Surface Finishing.

Edited by Sangkee Min, and others, May 2004 Laboratory for Manufacturing Automation, University of California, Berkeley. Co-sponsored by LMA, CODEF and UC Berkely Extension. Price $105

The 7th in a series on international meetings that began in 1990 focused on deburring technologies, edge finishing, burr formation and minimization, inspection and quality issues in precision manufacturing, process planning, and other topics related to burrs. Industry has well-established technologies to remove burrs and this book describes state-of-the-art.
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Table of Contents

Leaders Who Have Made a Difference in Deburring LaRoux K. Gillespie 1

Session 1: Burr Formation and Modeling- part I
Qn Burrs Formation in Drilling N.A. Lukoto, Z. Katz 17
Experimental investigation of Burr Formation in Surface Grinding of Tool Steel Jan C. Aurich, HeThrich Sudermann, Ollver Braun 29
Geometrical Modeling of Ball End Finish Milling Process for Surface Finish Xianbing Liu, Abhijit Sahasrabudhe, kazuo Yamazaki, Masahiko Mon 39
FE-modeling of burr formation in orthogonal cutting F kiocke, S. Hoppe, R. Fritsch 47

Session 2: Metrology & Standards
New Advances in Edge Conditioning Technology 57 Austen B. Barnes
Proposal for a Standard for the Description of Edges in Automotive Engineering klaus Berger 67 Comparative Analysis & Modeling of Surface Roughness in Drilling Sivarao.S, Lee Tian Soon, ChTh Chee Wen 81
Inductive Sensor System for Evaluation of Burrs and Edges in Industrial Applications Man fred Jagiella, Dr SorTh Fericean 89

Session 3A: Burr Formation and Modeling- part 2
Finite Element Modeling of Burr Formation in Drilling Multi-layered Material Jihong Choi, San gkee Mm, David Domfeld 103
Influence of Workpiece Temperature on Burr Formation in Drilling koichi kitajima, Akihiro Yamamoto, Teruaki Miyake, koya Takazawa 109
Measurements and Evaluations of Drilling Burr Profile Yohichi Nakao, Yasufumi Watanabe 117
Properties of Burrs Formed when Cutting AISI 1045 Carbon Steel in Turning Operation Almfr kazuo kaminise, Rafael Ariza Gongalves, Allsson Rocha Machado, Marcio Bacci da Silva 127
Prediction Model for Burr Formation Hans-Michael Beier, Reinhard Nothna gel 137

Session 3B: New Technology Development
Ecologically Clean Technology for Surface Treatment of Ferromagnetic MaterialsAleksandar I. Makedonski, Boris G. Makedonski 143
The Development of Composited Chromium Plating S. Yu. Zhachkin, VP. Smolentsev 149
Designing Methods of Technological Equipment A.S. Revin, V.P. Smolentsev 155
State of the Art of Deburring Technology in Germany Klaus Przyklenk 163
Development of Effective Measurement System for Burr Geometry S.L. Ko, S. W Park 173

Session 4A: Burr MinimizationiTool Path Planning
Development of Burr Expert System to Minimize Burr Formation in Face Milling Y J Kim, S. L. Ko, J. H. Kim, B. K. Kim 181
Removal of burrs under Vibration Scraping A.P. Babichev, B.S. Glazman, D.N. Kravchenko, M.S. V. V lvanov 187
On the Face Milling Burr Formation Mechanisms and Minimization Strategies at High Tool Engagements Miguel C. Avila 191
Review of Geometric Solutions for Milling Burr Prediction and Minimization Shantanu Tripathi, David Domfeld 201

Session 4B: Methods for Deburring- part I
Study of an Automated Flexible Internal Magnetic Abrasive Finishing System for Nonferromagnetic Complex Tubes Hitomi Yamaguchi, Takeo Shinmura 209
Optimizing Control Parameters of Abrasive Flow Machining for Finishing Inner Surface of UHP components Hai-Ping Tsu4 Chun-Cheng Lin, Wen-Chin Chiang, Yau-Ren Shiau 217
Thermal Energy Deburring Thomas K. Brockbank 225
Micro Deburring Technology using Ultrasonic Vibration with Abrasive H. Z. Choi, S. W Lee, Y. J. Chol, G. H. Kim, S. L. Ko 231

Tackling Tribology and Burr Technology based on Precision Design - A Career of Original Research Koya Takazawa, Tsuneo Monden 239

Session 5: Methods for Deburring- part 2
Edge Finishing Methods for Plated Steel Workpieces Toshihiro lol, Masahisa Matsunaga, Matsufumi Takaya, Yoshiyuki Tomita 249
Non Traditional Brush Deburring Implementations Frank J. Hettes 255
Deburring of Intersecting Holes K. H. Kim, C. H. Cho 263
Development of a High-Speed-Deburring Tool Hans-Michael Beier, Reinhard Nothna gel 271

Session 6: Surface Finishing
Using Ultrasonic Cavitation Peening to Improve Micro-Burr-Free Surfaces C. K. Toh, S. Kanno, X. D. Liu, L. C. Lee 281
A Study of Surface Rou~hness in the Micro-End-Millin~ P~ocess Kiha Lee, David A. Domfeld 289
Turbo-Abrasive Machining Michael Massarsky, David A. Davidson 297
Quality Control of Composite Platings Obtained by GCP Method S. Yu. Zhachkin, VP. Smolentsev 307

Session 7A: Burr Formation and Modeling- part 3
Influence of Coating-Substrate-Systems on Chip- and Burr-Formation inPrecision ManufacturingJurgen Leopold, Reimund Neugebauer, Peter Hanle, Man fred Schwenck 311
GrEp/Ti and GrEp/GrEp Drilling Tanni Sisco, Jeff Lantrip 319
Effects of Engineered Micro-Geometry on Burr Formation in PCD Milling of Aluminum William R. Shaffer 325
Back Cutting and Tool Wear Influence on Burrs in Face Milling- Analysis and Solutions
Arvind Ran garajan, David Domfeld 333
Surface and Edge Quality Variation in Precision Machining of Single Crystal and Polycrystalline Materials San gkee MTh, Dae-Eun Lee, Arnaud de Grave, Carlos M. De Qilvefra Valente, Judy Lin, David A. Domfeld 341

Session 7B: Methods for Deburring- part 3
Magnetic Aided Roller Burnishing Metal Parts Janos Koda'csy, J6zsef Danyi, Andras Szab6, Gyorgy Fulop 351
Development of Effective Magnetic Abrasive Deburring Method using Vibratory Table
Sung Lim Ko, Jong Won Chae, Jung II Park, Yury Michailovich Baron, Vladimir Sidorovich Polishuk 355 Technical Details of Magnetic Abrasive Finishing Yury M. Baron, Alexey Yu. Baron 365
Apparatus for Cleaning, Deburring and Polishing Parts in Magnetic Field Janos Kodacsy 375
Deburring of Cross-Drilled Hole Intersections by Mechanized Cutting M. C. Avila,, J. Choi, D. A. Domfeld, M. Kapgan, R. Kosarchuk 379

Session 8A: Polishing Technologies
Pulse Current Supply for ElectroPolishing Technology Shuo-Jen Lee, Po-Chung Shih, Hai-Ping Tsui 391
Metal Removal Rate of the ElectroChemical Mechanical Polishing Technology for Stainless Steel - The Electrochemical Characteristics Shuo-Jen Lee, Yu-Ming Lee 397
Ultraprecision Machining Characteristics of the Electrolytic Polishing Eun-Sang Lee, Jeong-Woo Park, Myeong-Woo Cho, Won-Seung Cho, Jaehyung Lee 403
Electrolytic Edge Finishing, Deburring, and Polishing Donald G. Risko 411
Scratchifti Removal and Glass Surface Recondition by Controlled Fire Polishing SeongChan Jun, Shane Hong 423

Session 8B: Machining
Branched Part Forming of Magnesium Wrought Alloy by Warm Lateral Extrusion using Multi-Axes Material Testing Machine K. Hatsukano, K. Matsuzak4 T. Shimizu, K. Shinozaki, T. Sano 433
Precision Machining with Formed Tools for Milli-Scale Dies H. K. Lee, Y S. Kim, D. H. Kim, G.E. Yang 443
The Effect of the Preliminary Deformations on the Properties of the Materials under Combined Magnetic-Ultrasonic Impact Aleksandar I. Makedonski 449
Experimental Investigation of the Burr Formation on the Edge while Machining
A. P. Babichev, D.N. Kravchenko 455
Fatigue Strength Increase during Vibrostriking of Parts using Multi-Contact Tool to account for Drilling Effect .P. Babichev, P.D. Motrenko 461

Session 9: Modeling and Deburring Technology
Burr Minimization in Meso-Punching Process by In-Situ Punch-Die Alignment B. H. Kim, N. P. Hong, H. G. Shin and H. Y Kim 463
The effect of dry machining on burr size Wendy She felbine, David Domfeld 469
Edge Defect Reduction by Selecting Tool Feed Direction Chih-Hsing Chu, Jan g-Ting Chen 475
Technological Approaches in Nanopolishing for Microstructures Haedo Jeong, Hyoungjae Kim, Sun ghoon Lee, David Domfeld 487

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