------------A MARKET/TECHNOLOGY REPORT------------

by John Briggs, Enceram and Ted Giese, Abrasive Engineering Society
A New Market Report on Bonded Abrasives, Coated Abrasives,
and Superabrasives Industries

This is the fourth edition of a report published by Materials Technology Publications in a completely revised and expanded analysis of markets and technology for Europe and North America as well key aspects of South American, Asian and other markets.
The 2003 report describes the $3.2 billion US and the $860 million European markets for abrasive products from manufacturers in bonded, coated and superabrasive segments of the highly competitive abrasives industry. A key portion of the report covers producers and markets for abrasive materials that are increasingly shaped by international forces. In addition, the report also contains information on the explosive growth in abrasives used for CMP and other processes for the semiconductor industry.
Within this 250-page work are

  • 170 tables containing the latest data on imports, exports, sales and production statistics
  • Summaries of key producers and their subsidiary activities, market positions, recent performance, etc.
  • Identification of end use markets and growth patterns
  • Technology trends including Chemical Mechanical Planarization, sol gel/ceramic abrasives, structured coated abrasives.
  • Over the last 5 years industrial giants such as Saint-Gobain have helped to push the globalization and consolidation of the abrasive industries in both North America and Europe. Major changes are particularly noticeable among key manufacturers in North America. A decline in real costs for raw materials continues from a combination of advances in technology and imports from companies with low cost labor. China has become a significant player in the world marketplace, particularly in the manufacturer and sales of raw materials.
    Scope of the report includes
  • Raw Materials, including both natural and synthetic minerals used as abrasives. Conventional synthetic minerals and superabrasive abrasive minerals as well as glass, metallic and other minerals used in loose abrasive applications.
  • Production statistics of bonded, coated and superabrasive products in Western Europe and North American (Canada, the United States, and Mexico)
  • Imports, exports and consumption of products and raw materials in Western Europe and North America
  • Key trends in both producers and users of abrasive products.
  • Key producers of raw materials and products

  • For additional details of this publication and ordering information download a copy of a report brochure at http://www.abrasiveengineering.com/eurostus.pdf


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