The oldest and primary manufacturer of cotton fiber abrasive products in the world with products that excel in metal removal, weld blending, deburring, and finishing of various metal surfaces. Our hallmark is "True One Step Finishing ®," a characteristics of our products that reduces metal finishing to a single step.


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Mounted Points and Abrasive Wheels Customized for Robotic Finishing Cells   News Release
Finishing Stickes Profile Shapes Match Openings and Holes   News Release
Abrasive Grinding Wheels Blend and Finish Aluminum in One-Step   News Release
Mounted Points for Safer Sheet Metal Fabrication   News Release
Grinding Wheels Provide Rapid Stock Removal and 100 Ra Finish   News Release
Cotton Fiber Abrasive Wheels Replace Unitized Wheels in Deburring Cells   News Release
Abrasive Grinding Wheels Remove Pipe Corrosion and Burrs   News Release and link
Mounted Points, Cotton Fiber, Unitized and Rubber   News Release and link
New Flexible Discs   News Release and link
New 2013-2014 Catalog   News Release and link
Quick Change Discs   News Release and link
Website Upgrade   News Release and link
Abrasive Wheels Suited for Robotic Deburring   News Release
Abrasive Cut-Off Wheels for Stainless Steel are Thin, Iron-free   News Release
Flexible Abrasive Wheels Blend and Finish in One Operation    News Release
Type 1 Wheels Remove Braze to Leave Paintable Finish   News Release
Abrasive Product Catalog new catalog highlights time-saving products   News Release
Cotton Fiber Mounted Points Remove Tool Marks, Maintain Part Geometry   News Release
Stainless Steel Finishing Kits Grain-in or Polishing Railings in Three Steps   News Release

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